Climate, Food and Violence

Judy Lumb,Phil Emmi, Mary Gilbert, Laura Holliday, Leonard Joy, and Shelley Tanenbaum

Beyond the Growth Dilemma


Climate, Food and Violence: Understanding Connections and Exploring Responses is the eighth in the series of pamphlets from the Quaker Institute of the Future and published by Producciones de la Hamaca, Caye Caulker, BELIZE - 122 pages (2014)

The Quaker Institute for the Future (QIF) seeks to generate systematic insight, knowledge, and wisdom that can inform public policy and enable us to treat all humans, all communities of life, and the whole Earth as manifestations of the Divine (from the QIF Mission Statement). QIF is concerned with the double challenge of feeding a growing human population in the face of climate change.
The purpose of Climate, Food and Violence: Understanding the Connections, Exploring Responses is to provide the information needed for an understanding of the issues arising in this double challenge in an accessible form to facilitate appropriate action. Included is a review of the current and potential effects of climate change on food production, of the control of food production and distribution, and of the potential for violent conflict. Appropriate responses are discussed in the context of a Quaker approach to solutions leading to a future where all humans, as well as the rest of God’s creatures, have access to the means for a fulfilling life.
This eighth pamphlet in the QIF series was prepared by a QIF Circle of Discernment in support of the work of the Friends Committee on National Legislation, a Quaker lobby in the public interest. While these pamphlets have been prepared for use within the Religious Society of Friends, they will also be of interest and use to anyone who is seeking to understand the connections among climate change, food, and violence; and is motivated to work for a future of equality and resilience on Earth for the entire commonwealth of life.

Climate, Food and Violence: Understanding Connections and Exploring Responses can be ordered from Keith Helmuth <>, QuakerBooks, Amazon, and local bookstores. QIF Pamphlets can be downloaded <>.