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New Releases

Beautiful Belize Reef

Dorothy Beveridge, photos by Jim Beveridge

Beautiful ReefThe concepts of shapes, sizes and spatial relationships are taught using the marine world of the Belize Barrier Reef.

Available and local bookstores.


Traditional Maya Cuisine

Aurora Garcia Saqui with Amy Lichty

Maya CuisineThey always ask me how I can cook such delicious food and I answer, “Because I cook with love.”

Available and local bookstores.


The Garbage Menace

Michael Somerville

Garbage Menace The Garbage Menace ̶ what is it, how is it hazardous, what can we do about it ̶ cartoons by the author.

Available from Amazon, and local bookstores.

I Sing Barranco

Harriet Arzu Scarbough

I Sing BarrancoI Sing Barranco celebrates the golden years of Barranco, a Garifuna village in southern Belize. Her poems sing with beauty, joy, sadness and hope.

Available from Amazon, and local bookstores.