New Releases

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

Katherine Emmons, James Kamstra, and Robert Horwich

The second edition of the very popular Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary book is in full colour. It features the history, flora and fauna of the Sanctuary for teachers, visitors and scientists.

Available from Belize Audubon Society, Amazon, and other bookstores.


To Educate a Nation: Autobiographies

Jeremy A. Enriguez, Editor

This book tells the story a Garifuna teacher's family as they were sent to rural villages in Belize in the early 1900s 1940s. These autobiographies honour the untold sacrifices of Garifuna teachers and their families as they diligently served to lay the foundation of Belize’s education system.Available from Amazon, and other online bookstores.


The Mosquito Book

Ed Boles

Garbage Menace The Mosquito Book focuses on mosquito disease vectors found in Belize to encourage the awareness that communities must play a vital role in controlling mosquito breeding in their neighborhood --- drawings by the author. Available from Amazon, and other online bookstores.

Toward a Life-Centered Economy

John Lodenkamper, Pete Baston,

Rising to the Challenge Energy Choices focuses on steps that we can take as individuals to reduce fossil fuel emissions in our daily lives. We are never more that a few years away from a major energy decision, buying a car or lawnmowere, replacing our roof, repairing our water heater or furnace. Available from Amazon, and other online bookstores.