The Garbage Menace

Michael Somerville

In the Land Beyond Living

The Garbage Menace is the first book in Footprint: A Belizean Environmental Series by Michael Somerville published by Producciones de la Hamaca, Caye Caulker, BELIZE - 55 pages (2015)

"I recognize that the information on garbage in Belize, discussed in this first book in the series,
can be obtained through browsing the internet, reading the newspaper, and listening to the
television and radio; but this is the first time that a complete knowledge of the subject has
been put together in one accessible and easy to understand source for Belizeans. This book
is divided into three sections: “What Is Garbage, Anyway,” “Hazardous, You Say,” and “Is It
Too Late for Anything to Be Done.” The first section introduces garbage; presents a number
of littering scenarios; provides possible explanations for why we litter; and gives an indication
of how long it takes different things to decompose. The second section identifies the various
waste categories and their hazardous components, and the effects of these hazardous materials
on our health and environment. The third section informs about the many wise efforts
that are taking place in Belize to properly manage waste, and things that we Belizeans can
do to help this process. A glossary is provided to further explain unfamiliar words and terms
used, and a reference list of the main sources is included for readers who may wish to further
investigate some of the topics covered." from the Preface by author Michael Somerville

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