To Educate a Nation: Autobiography of Andres P. and Jane V. Enriquez

Jeremy A. Enriquez, Editor

To Educate a Nation


To Educate a Nation Autobiography of Andres P. and Jane V. Enriquez is published by Producciones de la Hamaca, Caye Caulker, BELIZE - 192 pages (201)

To Educate a Nation: Autobiography of Andres P. and Jane V. Enriquez When I heard about this book revealed by Mr. Jeremy Enriquez, I was elated. I have long desired such enlightenment to be brought to the people of Belize about this great contribution of her people. I grew up with my parents as the teacher’s daughter. This book is indeed our story. —Olivia Avila nee Palacio

I truly appreciate this work done by Jeremy Enriquez to celebrate the efforts of Garifuna pioneers. As a woman who accompanied my husband to many villages such as August Pineridge, Succotz, and Hopkins to name a few we overcame much and we were able to make adjustments to withstand many hardships of harsh living conditions as well as being able to live with people of different cultures. I applaud this work as a ground-breaking contribution to give value to the Garifuna people in Belize and beyond as indeed a masterpiece culture to be honoured in history. —Mrs. Godsman Ellis

As editor, Jerry A. Enriquez has done an excellent job of preparing the material and introducing it with a section that sets the background that lays out the role of the Roman Catholic Church and the promising Garifuna young men they hand-picked to educate Belize. … This is a well written book, engaging and easy to read. … It is a rare, perhaps even a one of a kind, first-hand account of the service and accomplishments, triumphs and travails of Garifuna teachers and their families in rural Belize. It is an account of the critical role of women in this endeavour, a role that has never been given the prominence it truly deserves. —from the Foreword by E. Roy Cayetano

This book highlights Jeremy Enriquez’ grandparents as most exemplary and compassionate human beings. In their abode in Seiri (the Garifuna name for heaven) Andres and Jane are proud of him and continue to smile at him with love and deep approval. —Dr. Joseph O. Palacio

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