The Mosquito Book

Ed Boles

In the Land Beyond Living

The Mosquito Book has been designed to supplement science studies within Belize, and to encourage the spread of awareness and the idea that communities can and must play a vital role in controlling mosquito breeding issues within our neighborhoods. The Mosquito Book focuses on some of the important mosquito disease vectors found in Belize.
It is my hope that this will be a useful book for helping us better understand our intimate connections with mosquitoes and the roles we as community members can play in helping reduce their numbers, and therefore the diseases they carry, without spraying ourselves with pesticides and destroying the natural habitats where some mosquito species live.
—Ed Boles, Aquatic Ecologist

The Mosquito Book is the second in Footprint: A Belizean Environmental Series aimed at enlightening Belizeans about the issues affecting their health and environment. The circles with mosquitoes on the front cover symbolize the intimate relationship these fragile, scaly-winged insects have had with humans throughout our history.

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