Energy Choices: Opportunities to Make Wise Decisions for a Sustainable Future

Robert Bruniga

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Energy Choices: Opportunities to Make Wise Decisions for a Sustainable Future is QIF Focus Book #11, published for the Quaker Institute for the Future by Producciones de la Hamaca, Caye Caulker, BELIZE - 134 pages (2018)

The good news is that rapid advances in solar and wind energy, electrification of transportation, and energy storage are making the move to clean renewable energy quite feasible and even cheaper in the long run. We can help to stem the tide of climate change, end the air pollution that is inevitable when we burn fossil fuels, and halt the ongoing degradation of land and water caused by unrestrained extraction of fossil fuels.
Energy Choices focuses on steps that we can take as individuals to reduce fossil fuel emissions in our daily lives. We are never more than a few years away from making a major personal energy decision: when we buy a car or a lawnmower, when the roof needs replacing, when the water heater stops heating water, when the furnace breaks down, or when we move. When we pay our utility bill, we might be able to buy energy generated by wind or solar.
Energy Choices is a guide to making these decisions: selecting your next electric vehicle, installing solar panels on your roof or signing up for community solar, replacing your water heater with a heat-pump water heater, replacing your furnace with a heat pump, planning your new house. Whether you live in an apartment in an urban area, on a farm, or in a single-family house, Energy Choices will lead you through making the changes needed for a sustainable future.

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